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Registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia: KT0476412-K

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Faizul Abdullah
Contact No: +60 16-5945949

Step 1: Obtain Information

Visit to get the price and the date of delivery or Contact Tuan Syed Nizam at 0165945949 for further information.

Step 2: Reservations / Booking Now

Fill in the booking form (No fee is charged for booking shipment)

Step 3: Prepare Documents

a) Copy of Registration of Certificate for Vehicle / Vehicle Grant (front page and back page)

b) Copy of owner IC (as stated according to the grant of the vehicle) Side front and back page

c) Bank permission letter – If the vehicle is still under loan. Please request bank permission letter from bank which is funding your car loan.

Step 4: Email the Documents

1. Email the follow all these documents to:

2. Make sure the documents are scanned with a clear (especially Geran vehicle chassis and no engine no need to clear).

3. Make sure telephone number / registration number of your vehicle is written in the email headers for our reference.

4. Please email at least 3 working days before shipping dates.

Note: For those who have problems getting Bank Approval Letter or the bank is delaying in releasing the letter, please email the Car Grant and IC Copy is enough for making the shipment process.

Step 5: Notification

Please sms / call at 0165945949 to inform documents has been emailed.

Step 6 : Customs Management

The company will prepare customs documentation immediately upon receipt.

Dalam tempoh ini semua pelanggan bolehlah membuat persediaan kenderaan. Terutama yang ingin membawa muatan/ barang dalam kenderaan. Rujuk syarat membawa muatan di artikel di bawah ini sebagai panduan anda.

Step 7: Vehicle Delivery and Payment

Please send vehicles a day or two days earlier than the date of the shipment to our company Westport, Port Klang.

The company will provide delivery document / Survey Report and Receipt of payment.

Full payment methods can be made through cash, cheque or online payment. If payment done through online method, please e-mail the payment slip.

  • a) Shipment Dari P Klang Ke Sabah dan Sarawak  (Sila buat bayaran penuh semasa serahan kenderaan di Westport Port Klang)
  • b) Shipment Dari Sabah dan Sarawak ke P Klang (Sila buat bayaran penuh setelah kenderaan sampai di P Klang nanti)

Pembayaran penuh boleh dibuat malaui kaedah tunai, cheque atau pembayaran online. Jika pembayaran melalui kaedah online mohon emailkan slip pembayaran (letakkan no plat kenderaan pd email terebut) atau serahkan bukti bayaran kepada kami untuk semakan.

Step 8: Ship Shipment To You Destinations

Shipment delivery period depends on the destination of your choice.

Please refer to Shipping Delivery Schedule to know when your vehicle is expected to arrive.

Step 9: Vehicle Arrival at Destination

Customs clearance will be prepared by the company within 1 working day after the vehicle arrived.

Step 10: Vehicle Delivery To The Clients

The company will contact you to take the vehicle that has been sent.

Make sure you receive a customs form K3 together with your vehicle.

Just collect the vehicle and no longer subject to any further charges.